Young Explorers

By Paulus Orchards (other events)

7 Dates Through Aug 18, 2018

Young Explorers: Fun Classes for Elementary-Aged Children

Join us for these fun new classes geared for children that have completed kindergarten through 5th grade. They will run from 9am-11am and of course, include a snack and playtime! Each class is offered twice (Wednesday and Saturday), pick the date that suits you! Classes are $10 each and limited to 20 children per class.

BUGS! Most Wanted List.
July 25 & 28
Come get deputized as a Bug Investigator and help us do the detective work to find who is a GOOD BUG and who is a BAD BUG. Some critters in the bug world are helpful citizens that we depend on for our crops and gardens. But SOME bugs out there are nothing but BUG Trouble. We will learn all about the bugs we likes, and about the bugs who bug us! (Notes: BAD: stink bug, spotted lantern fly, ticks, mosquitoes. GOOD: bees, lady bugs, butterflies) 

Paulus Orchards Rocks!
August 1 & 4
Ever wonder what kinds of rocks are lying underneath the hills around Paulus Orchards? 
Or how Round Top mountain and Pinchot Park were formed? Want to learn what it takes to be a rock-hound? How did these mountains get here and why is this orchard so much higher than where most of you live? What did this land look like when it was being formed? Is there anything valuable in the ground here?  (Why, yes!) What kinds of rocks make up the ground at Paulus Orchards? Can we see samples? (Of course!)
Were there ever DINOSAURS living near Paulus Orchards? (Sure were! They probably LOVED it here). 

Come with questions. Leave with some rock samples, a geologic map of the area, and a better understanding of how to explore the rocks all around us.

Scavenger Hunt!
August 8 
You will be organized into teams to participate in a scavenger hunt around the orchard grounds to discover (and learn about) all of the skills and materials needed to grow and harvest orchard crops. Do YOU have what it takes to help us? 

The secret lives of BEES!
August 15
Anyone who has visited Paulus Orchards has learned a little bit about bees. But what do they do when we all go home for the day? Hmm?
Come visit us to learn the rest of the bee story. 
You will get to learn and practice doing a BEE DANCE, have an extended visit to the Paulus Orchards bee hive, learn more about how bees help us and how we can help them; and make a bee habitat that you can take home to help your local bees. 

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